New help guide: Advanced search

by Lars Holm Nielsen, on April 10, 2018

Visit the new search guide on

Users mostly search on Zenodo using only keywords, similarly to how they would search for something on Google or any other other search engine. Keywords are, however, not always enough if you're looking for something specific. Therefore today, we have launched a search help guide, explaining in detail how you can make use of Zenodo's advanced search features.

The guide explains basic concepts of simple field searches, e.g., searching only within the title field, as well as advanced concepts such as range searches, e.g., searching for publications dated between 2010 and 2011. The guide also includes a full reference of all available fields you can search on, so you can construct the exact search query you need.

Search guide for Zenodo

Under the hood our search engine is powered by Elasticsearch - the most powerful open source search engine available on the market today.